Burning The Flag, Net Style

May 1, 1995 - page 10
Reprinted with permission

Sure to make it into a future anthology called "Cyberdemocracy's Greatest Hits," Arizona biologist Warren Apel has taken his opposition to the GOP's proposed anti-flag-burning amendment onto the World Wide Web. At http://www.indirect.com/www/warren/flag, browsers can watch a digital Stars and Stripes go up in flames. (Apel, an Eagle Scout, says he would never burn a real flag.) His site has spawned a protest page (at http://www.pic.net/flameout/oldglory) complete with - what else? - a fire extinguisher.

The URL in this article was correct at the time. The pages have since moved to my new domain of www.esquilax.com. -- Warren

Warren S. Apel