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June 21, 1990, page S8433: I began to worry that in the name of protecting the flag, we were about to chip away at the liberties for which it stands and for which Americans have fought and died. I realized that we cannot honor our flag if we do not protect the freedom it represents.

PAGE S7410
We should each ask ourselves if 100 years from now we want to be remembered for tampering with the Bill of Rights for the first time in our history. Can we be true to those who gave their lives for our country if we compromise the freedoms for which they sacrificed? Do we want to have it recorded that we put more attention to last week`s polls than we did to the teachings of Jefferson and George Washington? Do we really feel that 200 years of experience under our Bill of Rights should be cast aside in favor of uncertain and dangerous tampering with the language of our Constitution?

The best way to honor our flag is to commit ourselves to the values included in our Bill of Rights and to pass on those human liberties to our children and their children. We have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution. We must do our duty.

Warren S. Apel