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June 25, 1990, page S8648:
PAGE S7410
When Vaclab Havel spoke to a joint session of Congress recently, I have never seen a foreign dignitary received with as much enthusiasm as was he. And what did he say?
`We want something like our Declaration of Independence and your Preamble to the Constitution and your Bill of Rights`
October 18, 1989, page S13644: The Constitution is also the one piece of irrefutable political evidence that says every person counts, that all are equal in the eyes of the law. I hold it second only to the Holy Bible as the most sacred possession in the hands of mankind. For these reasons, any amendments to the Constitution must be examined with the greatest degree of scrutiny.

PAGE S7410
It is worth repeating now * * * that we have only amended the Constitution 16 times since the ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791-198 years since the first 10 amendments were adopted as the Bill of Rights. In that entire period of time, we have never seen fit to change one `t` or one `i` of those 10 amendments.

Warren S. Apel