The following essay was written by Minuteman

Before I begin, i would like to thank Warren for giving me this opportunity to express the other side of the issue. I doubt I could show his moderation on my pages.

When I see a flag blowing in the breeze, or I see a crowd of thousands standing with their hands to their hearts while the National Anthem plays, my skin tingles. It tingles with awe... that so few could sacrifice so much for so many. And that is what the flag represents.

Please dont think i'm some kind of moderate moron who loves the government. I am a staunch militia member, and I hate most government agencies, with the obvious exceptions of the military, and local government. I despise the federal government as illegitimate and unfair. But, they do NOT represent what the flag stands for. The flag does not stand for Willy "The Bubba" Clinton. It does not stand for moter-voter laws, congressional pork, supreme court philandering, poverty, crime, or corruption. The flag represents the dream of one and all Americans... the dream to life free to accomplish one's goals without fear of overbearing government. The dream to have rights, and the dream to control one's own destiny. Burning the flag to demonstrate freedom of speech is hypocritical. The flag represents that very right to freedom of speech. Burning it is destroying the reverence for that right.

Since the beginning of this nation, millions have fought and died, on whatever the battlefield, for this nation. Not for themselves, no. They were selfless individuals who wanted a better future for their children, and who were willing to sacrifice anything from the freedom that we ignore today. Imagine not being able to speak out against the government. Imagine not being able to organize protest groups. Imagine having soldiers quartered in your house. Imagine not being able to practice the religion of your choice. Its hard to comprehend, because we are so used to these freedoms, we have become oblivious to them. When you burn a flag, you spit on the sacrifices and the achievements of the great patriots of this nation, from George Washington, to Abraham Lincoln, to Martin Luther King. You spit on them, and their graves. And you disgust me. How can you be so ungrateful to your benefactors. If you want to burn something, burn a government official (in effigy). That sends a message. But the only people who i can understand burning the flag would be socialists and communists who not only hate the government, but hate the very country and the constitution. If you love the freedoms we have here, then you love this country... and burning it is marring that relationship. You become no better than an Iranian burning an American flag and shouting "DOWN WITH USA!"

I am not alone. Many Americans are tired of seeing their flag burning and torn. They may not love the government, but they love the Constitution. Many have become militant in absolute desperation. If you dont like our flag, and you dont like our constitution, then get the hell out. Because if you do, you obviously dont like the country either.

Remember that image of the Iranian burning a flag and shouting anti-US slogans. Remember that that is what you will look like... and you will receive no support from in-any-way sane individuals.

I'll leave you with one last thought: Some pro-flag-burners are totally against the action, and are merely cautious about surrendering the right, such as the administrator of this page. These individuals i can sympathize with, even if I may disagree with their fears. But for the rest of you pinko bastards, you burn my flag, and i'll burn your ass. Many of you have already been marked, and we know who you are.

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Warren S. Apel