The following essay was written by Chris Davis

Let me start off by saying that Freedom of speech is a gift and not something to be abused. I can't beleive that someone in this great country would burn the very symbol that millions of Americans have spilled their blood to protect. The symbol that has given us the freedom that we have today.

It seems, after reading some of your work, that you do not really appereciate the government that runs this country. I am behind the government on some of their stands and against on others. The flag is not a symbol of our government, it is a symbol of our way of life and the freedoms that we are allowed. Burn down the Presidential seal, the Congressional seal,(I would not promote it but it is your choice) or whatever you want but JUST DON'T BURN MY FLAG!!!! The point is **You do not have to believe in the government as long as you beieve in the country.**

I personally feel that the problems with our society are in direct relationship with people like yourself. People who did not get enough attention when they were a child, people who are just looking for that attention later in life. Unfortunately, that attention has its price and affect on other people. Your ridiculous attention-getter has had an affect on me. It really shows that their are people who will never be happy no matter what they are given and will cause problems to fulfill that empty spot that they call their life.

I just can't figure out why you would want to live in this country if you are so mistreated by it. GIVE THE FLAG THE RESPECT IT DESERVES, after all, if that flag was never created you would not have the privledge of free speech.

I'm sick of hearing people like yourself bitch and moan about your personal problems. Enjoy the freedoms you have, it's more than what most people get. Life is good, enjoy it and quit trying to make an argument for everything you personally think is wrong. I don't think you have as much support as you claim you self-righteous idiot.


HINT**** Move to a country that wants people of your kind...................

Before you do stop by in Dallas, Texas, bring a flag, and look me up. I would like to see you actually burn The Red, White and Blue in my face. c'mon you can't hide behind that computer forever.

As far as the few (the only ones you post on your page) that agree with you the offer stands for you all as well.


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Warren S. Apel