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[Following is a statement on the proposed flag amendment by Joey Johnson, as released by the Revolutionary Communist Party:]

July 4, 1995

Notorious Flagburner Joey Johnson
Denounces Fascist Flag Amendment

Gregory "Joey" Johnson , defendant in the landmark 1989 Supreme Court flagburning case (Texas v. Johnson), has spoken out on the proposed constitutional amendment to criminalize "desecration" of the American flag.

Johnson says, "The amendment is another attempt to enforce mandatory patriotism and define the boundaries of correct political dissent."

Johnson was arrested for burning the flag in Dallas, Texas, at the 1984 Republican National Convention, where Ronald Reagan was re-nominated for president. He was convicted and sentenced to one year in jail and a $2,000 fine. Five years later, Johnson's appeal of the conviction was heard [and his conviction was overturned] by the Supreme Court.

Johnson says, "The proposed constitutional amendment is a desperate and fascist 'end-of-the-empire' amendment. It's meant to protect and exalt the flag. It's meant to enforce the view od the U.S. over the world, whites over oppressed nationalities, men over women. It means 'English only', the rounding up of immigrants. It is part of the cruel 'Contract On America' war on the poor, blacks, youth, and working people. The flag amendment is an act of a sick and dying empire clutching at its symbols which rest on genocide and slavery. This is truer today than in 1984.

"For those who stand up for equality and justice, it's time to stand up against this amendment. If it becomes law, defy it, along with the whole shut 'em up, lock 'em up, deport 'em official atmosphere the amendment is a part of."

Johnson is the national spokesperson for the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade, and is organizing in South Central Los Angeles. He is available for interviews and public speaking, and can be contacted at 213-368-6778 or through RCP Publications.

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The preceding information was submitted to The Flag Burning Page by Edward Hasbrouck, whom I would like to thank very much.
Warren S. Apel