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Reply to Al

>I did not burn your flag. While you are right that a flag burning
>amendment is a waste of time and further shows how this country's
>priorities are totally misdirected, I do not see any positive aspects to
>flag burning either.

Flag Burners in general tend to view their actions as protest against the nation. While I don't condone that (I think there are more positive steps one can take to force changes in policy) I think that most of the flag burning going on right now (and there isn't a lot) is mostly to illustrate the right to burn the flag. The parodical nature of my page further shows the idiocy of the legislative steps being taken.

> You don't see women actively having abortions to
>protest against politicians who want to reverse a woman's right to
>choose, right?

Well, I don't think that this is a proper analogy. You often see people violate laws that they don't believe in to provide for a "test case" which often shows the unconstitutional nature of the law. Abortion rights activists have found better ways to protest. I think if abortion were outlawed, you may see the situation you described above become reality. Physicians who recommend marijuana use (for glaucoma, cancer, AIDS, etc) against the will of the government may well perform abortions in violation of law if that were to be the case.

Warren S. Apel