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Reply to Nick Norfleet

Your comments seem to imply that you haven't completely read the information on the flag burning page. If that is true, then I invite you to do so. Learn a little more about me and my feelings on this issue before jumping to conclusions about me. If you did read all (or even most) of my writings, then I guess either you don't "get it," or you hold some type of illogical views on freedom, expression, and America that I doubt I will be able to change. I'll try, anyway.

>This is the biggest waste of cyberspace I've seen yet! When
>are you people going to understand that if it were not for that
>"piece of cloth" as you call it, this country wouldn't be where
>it is today? People have died FOR the flag, been wounded FOR
>the flag, and served FOR the flag. I myself have served for
>what the flag stands for and witnessed lives being lost to
>protect the flag.

You said it yourself right there. They didn't die FOR the flag, they served, as you did, "for what the flag stands for." What does it stand for? Partially for freedom to express negative feelings toward the government.

> There is no one going to purposely destroy
>the greatest symbol of American freedom in my presence.

I assume you are referring to physical violence here. You don't come out and say it, but you imply that to be the reason no one would do that in your presence.

So what you mean by this is, you value "American freedom" so much that you would physically hurt anyone who destroyed it's SYMBOL? That doesn't make much sense. America gives me the freedom to say "The Government is wrong," and you enjoy that freedom so much that you would punch anyone who did that around you?

> If you
>don't like what the flag stands for, then you can find another
>country to live in and I promise you, you will beg to come

How about Indonesia? Nice place, warm weather, 6 college students were arrested there last month and put in jail for 7 years each for publicly holding opinions that were contrary to the Governments. Think about that. Scary, isn't it? You wouldn't want America punishing you for saying things like, or for instance....

> our government has screwed it up for the past 40 years

That was your quote, Nick. In some countries, you would be imprisoned for that. I'm trying to keep that from happening. I think you ought to support that effort before the law isn't just about flag burning....

>Maybe you should visit
>the "Flag of the United States of America" server located at
>http://www.elk-grove.k12.il.us/usflag/ and learn something
>about what the flag stands for and means to us Americans. It
>also has a page on flag etiquette, I suggest you learn it.

I suggest you learn a thing or two about me, Nick. I'm an Eagle Scout. I know my flag etiquette. I know how to fold, carry, display, etc. I've also corresponded with Duane, the maintainer of the Flag Page, who AGREES with me - the freedom that the flag conveys includes the freedom to desecrate it. If you had completely understood my Flag Burning Page, you'd know all of that.

Warren S. Apel