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Reply to Bob Durand

Thanks. The threat of violence is always more effective than logical, rational thought. There are a number of countries which handle their criminal justice system in the way you describe. Unfortunatly for them, America generally considers that a "human rights abuse."

Perhaps we could model a justice-system rennovation on your advice. Replace the judge, jury and police system with one based more on vigilante justice by a well-armed militia of VFW guys? They could administer their own brand of justice as they see fit, with no need to bother with legal books or Constitutional rulings.

It would certainly cost the State less, in court costs and human resources. And, given your description of the rabid love of violence these VFW guys enjoy, they'd probably work for free.

My Father is a member of the VFW post in his town. I'm friends with a lot of the other members. I don't think they would necessarily agree with you, but I could be wrong. I'd hate to think you were speaking for every American Veteran. All of the veterans who've written me up to this point agreed with me quite vocally.

Warren S. Apel