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My First Death Threat

I suppose I should have expected at least one of these. Many people wrongly assume I burn the U.S. flag for sport. If only people would look beyond the symbolic destruction of our flag, and see the Constitutional assault that is occuring right now, I think everyone would be on my side. (with, of course, the exception of the Congressmen who signed this bill. God forbid their constituents see them as "pro-flag-burners.")

The following threat was made in part of a long-running conversation between Dr. John Pitchford and me. Please see the entire conversation in order to put the words into context.

Forgive me for saying you have "no balls." I was wrong, because right now some individual who feels as srongly about Old Gory as does some "strap a bomb to his chest follower" of the late I-a-toe-a Co-maniac is very near you at this very moment.

Do you have plenty of "virtual" life insurance? You may need it.

I understand what you are doing, but I'm very much afraid that you don't understand what you are doing. When it comes to attacking the symbols of personal belief systems your vision of what constitutes a "belief system" and what another person believes may be very different. So different as to defy understanding.

To me you are just a tacky little man, to some zealot with a baseball bat..... .... well, good luck in explaining the concept of "light-hearted parody" in ten seconds or less. (GRIN)

Editor's note: the original GRIN's were in <brackets>, not (parenthesis), but I altered them because not all browsers like them. Nothing else was changed.
Warren S. Apel