Hope you liked it....

Of course, now your history is screwed up with 38 pages of worthless junk. There's really no way to get back to the page that originally sent you to the illustrious credits page. Well, you could view your history in that silly pull-down menu and scroll backwards to find it. Oh well. I made the pages - it's your job to find your way home.

Well, I guess I could give you a hand. You may have been looking at some Monty Python page or another when you got sent here. In that case, going to the Monty Python FAQ or the The Official alt.fan.monty-python Home Page might get you where you were. Unless those links have broken in the last few years, which is almost certainly the case.

It is possible, although not likely, that you got here via my personal home page, in which case I would be doing myself a grave disservice by not providing a link back there, wouldn't I? Actually, I could just send you there with one of those META-http commands like I used on the credits page. That wouldn't be very nice, though, would it?

I didn't make any money off this page.  If you'd like to send me cash, that would be great.  Otherwise, you could just click on this link.  That would be even better.

The Shanti Shop:  Socially responsible arts and crafts from India

Another point that would be nice to make here is something along the lines of copyright law not being violated by the non-commercial "fair" use of the information in question...

Oh, and special thanks to Grue who was originally responsible for posting the screenplay back in '92. I tried to make corrections where there were discrepancies between the original screenplay and the version I have on tape. Any glaring errors are mine, and should be pointed out so that I can think about them long and hard without actually correcting them.

Enough rambling. Hope you had fun.

If you liked it, my name is Warren Apel
If you didn't, my name is Westley.

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