Flag-Burning Comments
My first death threat!
Also, here are some articles written about this page:

Dallas Morning News 4-4-95
Newsweek 5-1-95.

A collection of writings and information by Edward Hasbrouck and Gregory "Joey" Johnson.

And some editorials about flag-burning in general:

An editorial I wrote for the Tribune Newspapers.
The edited version (I had to cut it down to 640 words).
An essay by Washington attorney and Vietnam Veteran, Ivan Warner.
An article published in the Economist - submitted by Tom Polakis
An essay written by Brett M. Barto for his English Class
And a whole page full of editorial cartoons

And a link to some editorials reprinted in the Congressional Record

My Challenge to the amendment's supporters, and the essays of those who took me up on it.

From March to December of 1995, while this amendment was being considered in Congress, this page collected a large volume of comments from the public, all of which are on display in the Comment Archive.

Now that the amendment is being considered again, I am again posting some of the more interesting comments. I'm not doing this as often or as actively as I did a few years back -- mostly because just about everything that can be said on this subject has been said.


The Flag Burning Page generated quite a volume of email. Most of it was posted right here. Messages like "Why don't you do the Nation a favour and kill yourself." (actual quote) would just clutter up this page. People who send flames like this one are given a chance to rewrite their thoughts before they get posted to the Flag Flames Page


Warren S. Apel